Do you have a will?

As many as 70% of people in the UK have not made a will, are you one of them?

This can cause substantial and unnecessary problems to your loved ones, we can help.

A Will is the only real way of making sure your wishes are carried out after your death. Your Will can:

  • Enable you to leave whatever you want to individual people including money and personal effects.
  • If you have young children specify who will become their guardians and how you wish to financially support both the children and the guardians.
  • Provide for your unmarried partner
  • Leave something for a specific charity
  • Ensure that your children receive their inheritance in the case of remarriage.
  • Possibly reduce amount of care costs should your surviving spouse need to go into care.

Our will writing service offers:

Standard Single and Mirror Wills 

These are ideal for non complex estates and enable you to ensure that the right people receive what you would like them to.  

A Mirror Will is where your spouse or partner has a will that is a mirror image of yours, for example you leave to her and she leaves to you. 

Discretionary Will Trusts

These come in various forms but are designed to deal with more complex requirements.

If you are concerned about care costs in the future or you wish to ensure that your children receive your share of your estate in the event of your spouse/partner re-marrying. They can help with managing inheritance tax or to protect your estate until your children are old enough. 

Power of Attorney

It is normally worth adding a Power of Attorney at the time of having your Will written as it is more cost effective. The Power of Attorney enables an individual of your choice the power to manage your finances in the case of you becoming unable to do so.

Will Storage

You do have the option of keeping your Will yourself or we can arrange for your Will to be securely stored. This can then be called upon by your executor to your Will once they are required to do so or you can access it should you wish to make some amendments.


We can help with the legalities as well. With this type of plan you can ensure that the formalities and legalities of Probate are given to a professional who will ensure that all requirements are managed to achieve Probate with any outstanding liabilities paid before the beneficiaries. The liabilities therefore sit with the professional rather than you.  

Understand your requirements:

When discussing your Will it would be best to help us understand fully your requirements so that we can, through our providers, work out the best way to achieve your objectives.

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