Our Service Proposition

  • We aim to ensure that your personal pension fund is spent in the most appropriate way to achieve the best annuity rates available in the whole of the market.
  • We provide all the information you require in a format you can understand to enable you to make the most suitable selection.
  • We will ask you sufficient questions to enable us to understand your requirements and then research what is available to achieve your needs.
  • We then research the companies that offer the product that you have selected to obtain the best annuity rates for you.
  • We then present this information to you in an understandable format to enable you to make the final selection

Once you have decided

Once you have made your choice we complete all the paper work for you and send it onto the new providing company and send what is required to both the new and old scheme providers.

You can relax while we keep in contact with your new provider answering any questions or requests for further information until the completion of your pension annuity.

We will then contact you to let you know the transaction has been completed and when you can expect the payment