50+ Funeral Plans

Nearly 1 million people have taken out a funeral plan. 

We work in association with the UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider.

A thoughtful decision

A funeral plan could be one of the most thoughtful decisions you could make

By taking a funeral plan you choose the funeral you want and pay for the funeral directors services at today’s prices, relieving your family of worry and uncertainty at what will inevitably be a distressing time.

You will have made the arrangements in advance, selected the funeral director and taken care of the costs.

The Cost

The costs of funerals has risen significantly over recent years

The average cost of a funeral plan in 2000 was £1,215. The average cost of a funeral in 2012 was £3,284 an increase of 170%. Had you invested that money in a building society over this period your money would have increased in value to £1,439, an increase of 18.4%.

This is a continuing trend as the cost of a funeral has risen in the last 8 years by 71%. If this trend continues the cost of a funeral in 2020 will be around £5,600. 

A summary of some of the benefits are:

  • Peace of mind, knowing that everything is taken care of.
  • Save Money by fixing your funeral at today’s prices.
  • Reassurance that your family won’t face any uncertainty or worries.
  • A Guarantee of no more to pay for your funeral director’s services.
  • A personal, caring service from a local independent funeral director.
  • Low monthly payments using a fixed monthly payment option.
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no health restrictions

Pay in advance

 Many people try hard to provide for their loved ones in the case of their death. Unfortunately a lot of this could be taken up with Funeral costs. By paying for the funeral in advance what you leave to your loved ones can be enjoyed by your loved ones.

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